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OneForAll Zapper programming instructions

OneForAll URC6810 Zapper universal remote

Programming instructions for One For All URC 6810 (Zapper) universal remote controls.

Direct code entry

Each brand has a list of 5 digit codes per device. The codes all consist of numbers between 1 and 6. You can enter the code using the power, volume and channel keys to represent the numbers.

Key Name Digit
TV Power1
Set Top Box Power2
Volume Up3
Channel Up4
Volume Down5
Channel Down6

For example, to enter the code 23415 for an LG TV you would press Set Top Box Power (2), Volume Up (3), Channel Up (4), TV Power (1) and Volume Down (5).

Step 1: Turn on your device (not on standby) and point the remote towards it.

Step 2: To set up:

TV: hold down "TV Power" and "STB Power" until the red LED blinks twice.

STB (Cable, Satellite, Freeview, DVB-T): hold down "Volume +" and "Volume -" until the red LED blinks twice.

AUDIO (Receiver, Sound Bar): hold down "Channel +" and" Channel -" until the red LED blinks twice.

Step 3: Enter the first 5 digit code listed for your brand using the "Power", "Channel" and "Volume" Keys to represent the digits. The red LED will blink twice.

Step 4: Now aim the remote towards your device and press the "Power" (or "Mute") key.

Step 5: If the device turns off (or mutes), your remote is ready to use. If not, repeat steps 2, 3 with the next code in the list.


  • If you find one or more keys do not work as you expect, start again at step 2.
  • If you have already set up a Set Top Box and you are setting up Audio as well, please try the "Mute" key during step 4.


Your One For All remote control can learn any function from any other working remote control. This is a quick and easy one-time setup that will allow you to control one or more of your home entertainment devices, and even combine multiple devices in one easy to use remote control. You could, for example teach the volume keys to control your Sound Bar, the TV Power and AV keys to control your TV, and the rest of the keys to control your Set Top Box (Satellite, Cable or Freeview Receiver).

To do this, first make sure you have all your original remote controls to hand, and that they have working batteries in. To learn functions, the original remote should be approximately 3cm from the OFA remote, pointing towards it.

Step 1: Hold down "TV Power" and "Mute" until the red LED blinks twice.

Step 2: Press and release the key you want to learn a function onto. The red LED will blink continuously.

Step 3: Press and release the corresponding key on the original remote.

Step 4: The red LED will blink twice to indicate the key has been learned correctly.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each key you want to learn.

Step 6: When you learned all the functions you require, press and hold the "TV Power" key until the red LED blinks twice.


  • You can learn from multiple remotes, but only one function per key.
  • Some remotes send commands differently. If you find a function cannot be learned, try holding down the key on the original remote instead of pressing and releasing.
  • If the red LED shows one long blink at step 4, the function was not learned correctly, try again from step 2.
  • If you find that one or more keys don't work properly after set up, you can re-enter the learning mode at any time by repeating the procedure from step 1.
  • To delete a learned function, hold down "Set Top Box Power" and "AV" until the red LED blinks twice, and press the key to delete twice. The red LED will blink twice.