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Philips universal remote programming instructions

Philips SRP2008B/86 universal remote control

Programming instructions for most newer Philips universal remote controls with single 4 digit brand codes such as the SRP1103, SRP2002, SRP2003, SRP2004, SRP2006, SRP2008, SRC2063, SRP2104, SRP3004, SRP4004, SRP5004, SRU5110, SRP6207 and many others.

Have a different Philips remote? See our tutorials on programming Philips/Jasco remotes and Philips remotes that use 4 digit codes or 5 digit codes.

Programming your remote

Before you begin the programming procedure, make sure your device you want to control is switched on.

Step 1: Keep the device selection button (e.g. "TV", "SAT", "Cable", "DVD", "DVB-T", "DVR","VCR". etc.) pressed for 5 seconds until the indicator LED lights up.

Step 2: Look up the 4-digit code for your equipment's brand in the brand shortlist tables below or on this page and type it in using the digit buttons on your remote. Use '9999' in case you cannot find your brand. If after typing in the 4th digit the LED turns off, an invalid code has been entered and you must restart the code entry procedure.

Step 3: Aim the remote control at your device. Press and hold the "Standby" button. Release it immediately as soon as the equipment switches off. This step normally takes between 5 and 60 seconds. Using code '9999' results in a longer setup (up to 15 minutes).

Step 4: Switch on the device. See if the most used buttons function properly. If a button does not work as expected, press and hold that button and release it immediately as it transmits the required command.

Step 5: Press the device selection button you started with in the first step twice to exit setup. Note: when no button is pressed for 5 minutes or more, the remote control will exit setup mode automatically, saving all your settings.


  • When programming a single device remote such as the SRU5110, press and hold "Setup" instead of a device button in Step 1.
  • If you made a mistake: press the device selection button twice to exit setup. The LED will turn off. Restart from the beginning.

Improving buttons

When correctly set up, the remote control should be able to operate all of your devices. However, it might happen that some buttons will not function as expected. In that case you can force the remote to search for alternative commands for that particular button.

Note: Improving buttons is not possible when the code was found during a full database search (with code '9999').

Step 1: Select the device you wish to operate.

Step 2: After making sure the device is switched on keep buttons "1" and "4" pressed simultaneously for 5 seconds. The LED will light up.

Step 3: Press and hold the button that does not function properly and immediately release it when the device responds. If the button still does not function as expected, try pressing it again for a longer period of time.

Step 4: Press the device button you selected in the first step twice to exit setup. Note: when no button is pressed for 5 minutes or more, the remote control will exit setup mode automatically, saving all the settings.

Resetting a button to its original function

If a reprogrammed button still does not function as expected, you can always reset it to its original function.

Step 1: Keep buttons "1" and "6" pressed simultaneously for 5 seconds, until the setup LED lights up.

Step 2: Press "9", "9" and "6", in that order. After each button press the LED blinks once.

Step 3: Press the button you wish to reset twice. After each button press the LED blinks once. The LED will blink one more time to confirm that the button was successfully reset to its original function.

Shortlist of brands

There are only a few popular brands mentioned below. To see the full list click here.

Akai 0074
Basic Line 0325
Blue Sky 0395
Bush 0445
Carrefour 0492
Daewoo 0692
Emerson 0917
Firstline 1008
Funai 1056
Haier 1175
Hisense 1249
Hitachi 1251
Ilo 1341
Insignia 1368
JVC 1464
LG 1628
Loewe 1660
Magnum 1709
Medion 1787
Mivar 1857
NEC 1950
Olevia 2067
Panasonic 2153
Philips 2195
Philips Magnavox 3715
Pioneer 2212
Proline 2274
RCA 2351
Saivod 2439
Samsung 2448
Sanyo 2462
Sears 2514
Sharp 2550
Sony 2679
TCL 2856
TechniSat 2873
Toshiba 3021
Vestel 3148
Vizio 3211
Zenith 3356


How do I program the remote control for combo devices (TV/VCR,TV/DVD, DVD/VCR, etc)?

Some combo devices require you to set up two different source selection buttons to control both parts of the device. For example, if you have a TV/VCR combo, you might need to set up the remote control for both TV and VCR to operate your TV/VCR combo.

My TV turns OFF in step 3 but does not turn ON again in step 4

TVs of some brands (e.g. Panasonic) only switch ON after a long press on one of the digit buttons. After a long button press in setup mode the remote control will start trying to improve the button instead of switching ON the TV.

If this is the case, switch ON your equipment manually or use the original remote control for this and continue with step 5. After successfully completing setup, the remote control will switch ON the device with a long button press on one of the digit buttons, just as your original remote.

The brand code for my device is missing from the code lists

Use '9999' as the 4-digit code in case you cannot find your brand. Note that using '9999' may result in a long setup (up to 15 minutes).