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Pilot remote controls

Pilot replacement and universal remote controls are quality European made products. Manufactured with clearly labeled plastic buttons, they are strong, durable replacements giving you years of carefree service.


Pilot replacement remote codes

Pilot P1690N replacement remote

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(lists all compatible brands and models for a given pilot replacement remote)

PRO-TEL, Minitel and Supertel

PRO-TEL universal remote Minitel universal remote Supertel universal remote

Supertel, PRO-TEL and Minitel search by code number:

The new Supertel, Minitel and PRO-TEL universal remotes will share the same code.

See also: programming instructions for PRO-TEL learning remote and Supertel universal remote controls.



Easytel universal remote

Type in an Easytel code to find out all the compatible brands and models:

Programming instructions for Easytel universal remotes.



Unitel VD02 universal remote

Unitel search by code number:

UNITEL universal remotes are inexpensive replacements for missing or damaged remote controls. They come in a variety of models, each controlling most devices within one group of brands. This saves on setup effort and remote cost. For example ES01 will control most of Elbe, Samsung, Sharp or Sanyo TVs, PH01 will work with all Philips TVs, etc.