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1. To see all models from a brand, select the brand from the drop-down list, leave the model box empty and press 'Model Search'

2. Type in at least 2 characters for model search. The program will display all models starting with your search string. If you want to find a match in the middle of your equipment's model, type in a + in front of your query. Example: +7371 (you must type in a minimum of 3 characters after the + sign).

3. To find out all the compatible devices for Pilot replacement, Supertel*, Minitel, Protel, Easytel or Unitel remotes, please enter the full code number into the corresponding (top right) search box!

PRO-TEL universal remote Minitel universal remote Supertel universal remote
Unitel Easytel Replacement Pilot remote

*Note: Supertel, Minitel and PRO-TEL universal remote controls will share the same code.