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PRO-TEL Pilot Remote Control

PRO-TEL universal remote

Search your PRO-TEL code by selecting your equipment's brand and/or entering the model in the form below. (Look for the code in the Supertel column, as Supertel, Minitel and PRO-TEL universal remotes will share the same code)

The Pro-Tel Pilot universal remote control will operate 5 devices simultaneously. It covers more than 20.000 preprogrammed models and can learn any functions of your original remote control.

Pro-Tel direct code entry procedure

Step 1: By using the "Device Select" button choose your device location to program your equipment (TV1, TV2, VCR, etc.)

Step 2: Press the "Code" button.

Step 3: Enter the 3 digit code of your device using the number keys. Note, that many brands have more than one code listed. If the first code does not control your device correctly, try the next code in the list. If none of the codes work, try the Universal Auto Search method presented below.

If an acceptable code is entered, the indicator LED will flash rapidly 4 times. Your universal remote is programmed. Try a few buttons to see if it works as expected.

Note: If the code is not accepted, the indicator LED will turn off immediately. It will stay off until you press the code button again and enter a valid code. If step 3 is not activated for 10 seconds or if in step 3 a button other than the number buttons is pressed, the programming mode is exited.

Universal Autosearch for Pro-Tel remotes

Step 1: Turn on your device you want to control. In case of VCR or HI-FI turn on the device and insert a cassette or a disc.

Step 2: Select the corresponding device type (TV1, TV2, VCR, AUX or SAT) using the "Device Select" button.

Step 3: Press "Code" button.

Step 4: Direct your Pro-Tel universal remote toward your device.

Step 5: Press the OFF key and keep it pressed until your equipment turns off, or in case a VCR or A HIFI a change takes place. As the OFF button is pressed, The Automatic Full Search starts covering the device range (TV, VCR or AUX) according to the device preprogrammed at that location. The indicator display LED will flash as different models are searched.

Step 6: When the device under test turns off - stop pressing the OFF button immediately. As soon as the OFF button is released, that model is memorized and the indicator LED flashes 4 times to indicate the end of Autosearch operation.


- If all available codes have been searched through, the indicator LED will flash 4 times to indicate the end of the Autosearch mode.

- The F1/F2/F3/F4 buttons will control supplementary functions not contained in the 30 function keys. Hence the total control functions are increased to 34.

- The Protel remote will keep the programmed codes in it's memory while you change the batteries for 10 minutes.

How to identify a code stored in a device location

To identify the code number that has been programmed into one of the five device location, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press "Device Select" button and select the device with the unknown code.

Step 2: Press and hold the "Shift" button then press the "code" button once. The Led indicator will start flashing. Count the number of flashes in each of the 3 digit code. Following the rules described below:

- The sum of short flashes will indicate the number in that digit
- Zero is indicated by a long single flash
- Between digits there will be a pause of 2 seconds.

Teaching and learning procedure

The Pro-Tel universal can learn the functions of an original remote control and thus can control a device which is not available in its memory.

Step 1: Place your original remote control and the Pro-Tel on a flat surface facing each other.

Step 2: Choose your device type using the "Device select" button.

Step 3: Press "Code" key and enter the code "100".

Step 4: Press and hold "Learn" button until the indicator LED blinks. In this mode, the indicator led blinks for 10 seconds.

Step 5: Press and release the button on your Pro-Tel that you wish to teach in. The indicator LED stops blinking and turns on, showing that the remote is ready for learning. In case the button selection is delayed and the blinking led turn off before pressing a function button, go back to step 4.

Step 6: Press and hold the button you want to teach in on your original remote control. The indicator LED on the Pro-Tel will turn off for several seconds, and when it turns on again, release the button.

After releasing the button, if the LED starts blinking, it means that the teaching operation was successful and the remote enters the Learn mode automatically for learning other functions of your original remote.

If the indicator LED remains on, it means that the teaching was unsuccessful. In this case proceed from step4.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all the other keys.

Step 8: To exit the learn mode, press the "Learn" button.

Step 9: To select the learned functions, enter the code "100" using the direct code entry method described above.

The Pro-Tel can learn 34 different functions or commands of two different original remote controls. For example 24 functions of a TV remote control, plus 10 functions of a DVD remote control can be teached-in simultaneously.