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Unitel universal Remote Controls

Unitel universal remote controls will work with most devices within one group of brands, depending on the model:

Unitel VD02 universal remote

ES01 - Elbe, Sharp, Samsung, Sanyo
JPH01 - JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi
OGS01 - Orion, Goldstar, Samsung
PH01 - Philips, Phonola, Radiola
TSM01 - Toshiba, Sharp, Sanyo, Mitsubishi
SN01 - Sony
IT01 - ITT, Nokia, Graetz, Salora
GB01 - Grundig, Blaupunkt, Siemens, Minerva
IP 01 - Mivar, Seleco, Rex, Philco, CGE, Imperial
ST 01 - Various SAT equipment
TF 01 - Thomson, Telefunken, Saba
VD 02 - VCR and DVD players.


Search your Unitel code by selecting your equipment's brand and/or entering the model in the form below:


Code entry instructions

Step 1: Look up the 3 digit code for your device in your user manual or find it using the search box above.

Step 2: Press one of the device buttons.

Step 3: Press the CODE button.

Step 4: Enter the 3 digit code.

If you can't find a working code for your device, try one of the auto search methods described below (the first variant is more common, but a few models will use the 2nd method).

Autosearch (v.1)

Step 1: Turn on your device (TV, VCR, etc.)

Step 2: Press CODE button and direct your remote towards your equipment you want to control.

Step 3: Press the OFF key, and keep it pressed until your equipment turns off.

Step 4: As soon as your equipment turns off release the OFF key.

Autosearch (v.2)

Step 1: Turn on your device (TV, VCR, etc.)

Step 2: Press and hold the SHIFT and OFF keys simultaneously until the LED indicator turns on.

Step 3: Direct your Uni-tel remote toward your equipment and release both buttons. The AutoSearch operation starts.

Step 4: When your device turns off, press any button immediately. The selected model is stored and the LED indicator flashes 4 times.

How to identify a stored device code

Some Unitel models will have a handy code identification mode. To find out the stored code for your device follow these steps:

Step 1: Press and hold the "?" button until the LED indicator blinks once.

Step 2: Count the number of flashes in each of the 3 digit code

- the sum of short flashes indicate the number in that digit
- zero is indicated by a long single flash
- between digits there will be a pause of 2 seconds.

Code 110
1 short flash - pause - 1 short flash - pause - 1 long flash.