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DishNetPC - Internet TV on your desktop

DisNetPC Internet TV software package

The DishNetPC internet TV software allows you to watch directly over 10,000 premium TV channels, radio stations, and prime-time on-demand videos on your PC. It has a great variety of TV channels and radio stations from over 80 countries and many languages.

There is no need for a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection. In fact, there is nothing else to buy. You only need this software, your PC, and a broadband internet connection.

Price: $34.95 one-time fee.


DishNetPC advantages:

Live TV over Internet has its benefits and advantages. This software allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and so much more through the Internet, and over your very own personal computer.

Simple and easy to use

You don't need to know how to install a satellite dish or receiver. Once you pay, you can immediately download the software and enjoy the stations in just a matter of seconds.

No extra computing knowledge needed. The interface is simple, intuitive; you can get the "feel" of the software in minutes.

Easy installation and quick download

It doesn't matter if it's 4am, you will have instant access to your PC TV application as soon as you pay. No need for shipping or handling charges. It has an easy installation process and a simple setup, so you can start watching live TV on your computer in a few minutes after download.

Great for travelers

The DishNetPC software is great for travelers. You can watch satellite TV anywhere in the world if you install the software on your laptop. You can bring your favorite talk show, soap, news, or any live TV broadcast for that matter, wherever you go!

More than 10,000 on-demand TV shows, videos

If you missed your TV show, don't worry, you can get it on demand on your laptop or desktop PC and watch it at your convenience. There are over 10,000+ on-demand TV shows and videos in the database!

Great price

DishNetPC sells for the low one-time-fee of only $34.95! You can pay with your Paypal account or any major credit card.

Notice: Offer no longer available.


Page last updated on: June 2nd 2009