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SatellitePC-TV.net brings Satellite TV on your PC

SatellitePC-TV.net Internet TV

This clever software application from SatellitePC-TV.net gives you instant access to free satellite TV on your PC and you'll never have to pay another cent for cable or satellite TV service again!

You do not need to purchase any special cards, nor special equipment. The application offers superior desktop management with highly advanced update controls giving you the power of automatic channel updating on command.

Price: only $19.99* one-time fee.


You will have access to over 200 channels from the US alone and hundreds of channels from Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Iraq, Korea, China, etc.

The program works with all versions of Windows. You will need a reasonably good broadband internet connection to hook up to the Satellite TV streams and that's it! Everything else is will be taken care of for you.


* The price can change any time, see the site for up-to-date information!

Notice: Offer no longer available.


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Page last updated on: June 3rd 2009