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Remote controls

GE rm24930 universal remote

GE universal remote controls

Learn how to program GE universal remote controls - step-by-step instructions.
Old 3 digit GE codes, new 3 digit GE codes and 4 digit code lists for GE/Jasco remotes.

RCA RCU300TMS remote control

RCA universal remotes

Programming instructions and tips for RCU600, RCU510, RCU404, RCU300, RCU400, RCU500 and RCR311,RCR412, RCR450, RCR612, RCR812, RCR815 and similar models.
RCA universal remote control 3 digit and 4 digit code lists.

PRO-TEL universal remote control by PILOT

Pilot replacement and universal remote controls

Search by brand or model for Pilot remote control codes.

Programming instructions for PRO-TEL, EASYTEL, SUPERTEL and UNITEL Pilot remote controls.


Internet TV

Watch live TV on the Internet - get thousands of TV stations from around the world on your PC, MAC or Laptop.

Internet TV software reviews for DishNetPC.com, Direct-Pctv.com, WatchTVonPC.tv and SatellitePC-TV.net.


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